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Integrated Platform for Early Customer Engagement

One Platform: Four Modules

Engage your current and prospecting customers with relevant content and consistent touch points through flawless experiences.
Content Marketing Tool

Engaging with customers through content is critical to any company’s success.

61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, they are also more likely to buy from that company.

TPNI's Content Marketing Platform provides:

  • Newsletters for outreach and engagement
  • One touch curation tool for curation by multiple authors with the click of a button
  • Easy & personalized engagements through email, SMS, and social channels
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Digital Publication Creator

Every Company Needs a Digital Voice

70% of the consumer buying decision is met before the customer meets the company. A consumers needs a convenient place where they can search, share and interact to make their decisions.

TPNI's Digital Publications Creator:

  • Generate new prospects with content and programs
  • Increase brand awareness through thought leadership
  • Nurture Prospects into Leads through consistent quality engagement
Webcasting Tool

Online Events need to match the quality of live studio productions.

Customers are consuming content online more rapidly than ever and have a high level of expectation of quality and professionalism.

TPNI’s Video Webcast Platform provides:

  • Engage your audience with live video production
  • Increase participation with live polls and chats
  • Tailor your event with real-time analytics
Event Management Tool

Registering for events should be fast and seamless.

Event Technology has become the face of all events and the organizations that manage them.

TPNI’s Event Registration Platform provides:

  • Create Interactive Customer Experiences through registration and online engagement
  • Increase registration counts through engagement and social sharing
  • Increase verification counts through connecting with the audience
Here’s how it works:

The Pulse Network’s

Online Marketing and Event Platform

The first cloud based platform for both Online Marketing and Event Management



Generate New Leads


Engage Your Customers


Build Your Brand Loyalty




Generate Registration


Engage Your Audience


Build Your Community


Our team members are here to help you.
In addition to our platform solutions, TPNI offers a variety of marketing services to help your company create content and enhance your online presence. With over 20 years of experience, our services range from event management to project management to custom development.

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In this episode of Content Marketing 360, Chief Customer Officer Butch Stearns joins Host Richard Caines to give you 10 Tips in 20 minutes on how to create an engaging webcast. The discussion will involve certain steps to take in order to engage customers during your webcast. Each month, Content Marketing 360 brings subject matter experts from all areas of content marketing to give clear, actionable tips for digital marketers to implement into their marketing strategies. CM360 is here to help you create a full 360 degree content marketing strategy for your company. Get informed on the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in content marketing for free.
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Event Marketing 365:
10 Tips to Build a Kick-ass Marketing Campaign Around Your Event

Has your conference flat-lined? Are you not reaching the younger generation community members? How are you engaging with them before, during and after the event? In this webcast, Rick Quinn, GM of Event Marketing Platform at The Pulse Network, gives you ten actionable tips to creating a kick-ass marketing campaign.

July 9th @ 1pm ET
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