An Insightful Approach to Communicating Your Strategy More Effectively


This is Part One of a Five Part Series with Tyler Pyburn, Host at The Pulse Network, and Stephen Saber, Chief Executive Officer at The Pulse Network, on how to communicate your strategy more effectively.


Communicating your strategy to your organization is one of the most vital jobs for a CEO.  Again and again business leaders will find themselves working with their employees to help draft a clearer message in order to help foster movement in the sales funnel and come to a clearer conclusion of the company’s goal.  The struggle for the CEO comes from getting lost in the message and not being able to plainly articulate it to a group that has not been speaking the language day and night like themselves.

I happen upon a brilliant article in the Harvard Business Review by Georgia Everse that unveiled some insightful communication approaches for business leaders to practice so that to help sway and energize their organization.  For this blog series I will be digging deeper into the approaches and how to utilize them properly in business.

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In part two of this series, I will aid in compiling the framework of the message to deliver to your employees.

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