Making The Most of Your SEO – Building a Site


This is Part One of a Four Part Series in Which Nick Saber, President of The Pulse Network, and Butch Stearns, C.O.O. of The Pulse Network, Discuss How to Get the Most Out of Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Developing a flashy site is key to drawing attention to your products.  But all style and not enough substance can keep your site from popping up in search results.

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Search engines are smarter than they’ve ever been.  Gone are the days when you can simply stack your Meta Tags with terms you want to be found in search.  Since Google updated it’s search algorithm earlier this year, the actual words in the landing page of your site are vitally important to SEO.


Your landing page and each of your products and services pages needs special attention, and a specific SEO strategy.


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In Part 4 of this series, we’ll focus on blogs and how to focus your SEO strategy on blogging.

Nick Saber is the President of The Pulse Network.  You can find out more about Nick on his blog and by following him on twitter @NickSaber

The Pulse Network Solutions – Virtual Event Marketing

This is part two of a five part series between Butch Stearns, host at The Pulse Network, and Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer at The Pulse Network, as they explore the lifecycle of digital marketing and the new solutions offered by The Pulse Network.



When focusing on products that drive your digital marketing mix, one solution that is getting a lot of attention recently is virtual events.

Virtual events are the idea that you can take what works in face-to-face events, but portray it in a much more efficient way. Instead of a client flying all over the country to be at your event, she can sit in her office and view a session online and interact with others via phone, Skype or chat.  The convenience of virtual events not only provide consumers the ability to fit them into their day (by watching replays of the actual event), but also can create behavior that we all want as marketers: interest in learning more about a topic, or product or service – and higher conversions!

Here at The Pulse Network our solution for powering socially-enabled virtual events is our Webinar 3.0 platform.  As illustrated in recent  Webinar 3.0 events what we have created is really a combination of three parts: an in-studio host and production, real-time social interactions, and the  ability to reach both live and on-demand users at their desk or even on their smartphone.  This format also addresses both the engagement challenge (how do we get people actively involved) and reach challenge (how do we fit our content into the time of day and channel of their choice).

Check out our discussion of how Webinar 3.0 fits into the marketing lifecycle and enables a new level of virtual event marketing.  And tune in August 18 when I’ll be doing a special Webinar 3.0 event with Barry Libert.  You can register here.

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Also, if you haven’t seen Part 1 of this series, in that episode we look at our Content Performance Index and how a scalable content strategy should be at the heart of your digital marketing programs.  Check it out!


Allen Bonde is the CMO of The Pulse Network and can be found on Twitter or email,

Butch Stearns is the COO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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