Making The Most of Your SEO – Building a Site


This is Part One of a Four Part Series in Which Nick Saber, President of The Pulse Network, and Butch Stearns, C.O.O. of The Pulse Network, Discuss How to Get the Most Out of Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Developing a flashy site is key to drawing attention to your products.  But all style and not enough substance can keep your site from popping up in search results.

Illustration By SEOHacker

Search engines are smarter than they’ve ever been.  Gone are the days when you can simply stack your Meta Tags with terms you want to be found in search.  Since Google updated it’s search algorithm earlier this year, the actual words in the landing page of your site are vitally important to SEO.


Your landing page and each of your products and services pages needs special attention, and a specific SEO strategy.


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In Part 4 of this series, we’ll focus on blogs and how to focus your SEO strategy on blogging.

Nick Saber is the President of The Pulse Network.  You can find out more about Nick on his blog and by following him on twitter @NickSaber
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