Event Live 3.0

Conferences and trade shows remain one of the most effective ways for vendors to reach decision makers, start conversations and grow awareness. Yet, even with the most creative event marketing and powerhouse speakers, it can be a challenge to generate traffic and extend your presence off the show floor. And once the exhibit hall closes, how do you stay engaged with attendees and provide a way to capture show highlights and content so it lives beyond the event and helps you create ongoing discussions?

The Pulse’s Event Live 3.0 solution offers a creative approach by tapping live streaming and social marketing to capture, produce and syndicate rich video content and bring your programming to life. The result: added engagement during the event, an ability to capture content from your thought leaders as they are gathered in one place, and a proven way to reach a broader audience outside of the event.


The Pulse Network brings 20 years of experience managing events such as the Inbound Marketing Summit and the Gilbane Conference, and a full remote studio capability, along with our unique multi-channel campaign and event platform. Prior to the event, The Pulse works with your team to outline themes, guests and features, and captures and curates B-roll to drive pre-event marketing.

During and after the event, we:

  • Capture live sessions and ‘fireside chats’ with featured speakers, partners and attendees via our remote studio with producer, technician, camera crew and host
  • Optionally provide live streaming, and post produce content and deliver embed codes and links to provide access to attendees post-event and feed your social channels
  • Deliver a ‘Pulse On’ microsite for hosting your video library, tagged articles and social feeds to promote sharing and engage your community


Event Live 3.0 amplifies your show presence, extends the life and reach of your event content, and enables ongoing, multi-channel conversations.

Event Marketing 365:
10 Tips to Build a Kick-ass Marketing Campaign Around Your Event

Has your conference flat-lined? Are you not reaching the younger generation community members? How are you engaging with them before, during and after the event? In this webcast, Rick Quinn, GM of Event Marketing Platform at The Pulse Network, gives you ten actionable tips to creating a kick-ass marketing campaign.

July 9th @ 1pm ET
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