Knowing no boundaries…

Someone once asked me what made Cambridge Technology spawn off so many people that went off to start their own businesses (some of which went on to be extremely successful).  I thoguht the question was very interesting and while I answered it quickly, in looking back I think the answer was right on and something I have tried to learn from and am now trying to recreate here at CrossTech.  The answer was – “We were taught to see no boundaries and know no boundaries”.

What does that mean?

Well – one example was – I recall being 23 years old and sitting in a board room at a very large investment bank at the time with 15 executive with an average age of 40 and probably earning an average salary of $400,000.  And here they were – asking me questions and treating me as the expert.  And yet – for some reason – it felt natural and obvious and I felt that there were no boundaries to the conversation and no limits to my ability to control the room and the conversation.  While this is a small example – it is meant to show that all we were exposed to was this idea – not that anything was possible but that everything was possible.  They used to say – “if you can dream it you can do it”.  In other words – let nothing stand in your way.  And here we were – young, ambitious, energetic, excited, and uninhibited.  We were not held back by fear or a belief system or an “understanding” of what was possible.

Think about it… People often say the best sales people are fearless and will break through a steel door if that is what it takes.  Why will they do this?  Because they see no boundary to making the sale.  This is what we need to teach our young employees and our old employees and all of our employees.  If we can create an organization where everyone knows no boundaries then we will be successful in creating an organization that has no boundaries.

Easy?  No.  Possible?  Yes.

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