The Greatest Athletes of All-Time: Pro Basketball


This is Part Two of a Five Part Series in which Butch Stearns Tackles the Task of Determining the Greatest Athletes of All-Time in the Four Major Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and Football.  Butch Stearns is the C.O.O. of The Pulse Network, and the Host of Sports Buzz on The Pulse Network.


Kobe Bryant.  LeBron James.  Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  Wilt Chamberlain.  What do these four super-athletes have in common?

None of them are in my top three NBA players of all time.  Beyond that, they can’t even crack my top four.

Magic and Larry Were Great, But Not The Best Ever

In the first part of this series, we take a look at the greatest NBA players in the history of the game.  And right off the bat, the field can’t even be narrowed down to three.  Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are such perfect historical rivals that the two can’t be separated, even for argument’s sake.

With those two legends coming in at a tie for third, another Celtics’ great makes the list, but can’t topple His Airness for the top spot.





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In Pro Basketball, many have tried, but none have matched MJ’s greatness.  When he played the game, he made the Chicago Bulls into a dynasty.  He led his team to an unprecedented 72 win season, only to follow it up the next year with 69 wins.  He dropped a double-nickel on the Knicks at the Garden after he retired.  He shot it over Ehlo.  He’s got the most recognizable shoe on earth named after him, and the biggest name in baseball wearing his brand.  He’s still on the cover of video games, and Jay-Z routinely name drops him.

Jordan Soars Above The Rest

There’s no debate that MJ is the greatest NBA player of All-Time.

Agree with me?  Think I’m dead wrong? Let me know by commenting on this post, or by reaching out to me on twitter @ButchStearns



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