The Pulse Network Solutions – Where do I start?

This is part one of a five part series between Butch Stearns, host at The Pulse Network, and Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer at The Pulse Network, as they explore the lifecycle of digital marketing and the new solutions offered by The Pulse Network.



Everything we do at The Pulse Network is about helping our clients and partners create content that builds community and drives engagement and word of mouth.

That’s why the way we think about digital marketing starts with strategy – and the solutions for producing, distributing and sharing content. Content is the backbone that drives everything we do. And Content Productivity and Content Velocity are two of the ways we measure how content is ‘performing’ for a particular business. Productivity simply answers the question: Does it work for me? or How can I benefit from this content? While velocity answers the question: How much content is enough to change behavior? or more basically How many tweets or posts should I be pushing out on a daily basis?

Our Content Audit provides a snapshot of where businesses are right now on these indices, and allows us to plot a path forward and define a strategy for improving production and/or velocity. In this video I share some of the inputs for evaluating productivity and velocity, and how these measures can shape your content marketing plan and media mix.


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Allen Bonde is the CMO of The Pulse Network and can be found on Twitter or email,

Butch Stearns is the COO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.


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