Why Content (Marketing) Is King

Content has been king for a while now.  Pictures mostly. No…video. Definitely video.

People love videos. People love watching cool stuff. Snazzy graphics infused into short, impactful, sizzling hot videos.

Since we know this, considering we are also people, we can easily predict where someone’s attention is going to sway towards during their time online. You guessed it, video! But not just video, all kinds of exciting, engaging content.

The new age of content marketing addresses the issue of pulling people away from where they go online in order to sell them something, raise awareness about something, get them to enter a contest, or whatever it may be.

The issue being, people don’t like that!

Content marketing, instead of asking someone to get up from their proverbial desk to go get a cup of coffee, brings the coffee over to them, and sets it down.

Instead of pulling people towards marketing materials, we can lay them down in the line of sight we know they’re going to be visiting and already planning to interact with.

Highways don’t put toll booths on random side streets and hope people take the turn to go pay the money – they put the booths directly in the path of travel, so you have no choice but to see them and pass through them.

This isn’t to say that content marketing is forcing people to buy things they don’t want, but it is to say that the things they do want, will be in their line of sight, and aligning with their interests.

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B2B Social Media Myths Busted: Businesses Are Too Traditional

Actually, Social Media is Indispensable for Businesses

If someone would have told me two years ago that businesses are too conservative for social media, I would have agreed. However, since that time we have learned a lot more when it comes to the staying power of this “fad“; today social media is something that no business can afford to avoid.  Instead of seeing the features that social media provides as a threat to traditional ways of doing business; try embracing social media campaigns and promotions. You don’t need to be a social media expert, but it is essential that you utilize social media to move forward as a business.

YouTube Preview Image

I quote from an article from by eWEEK.com about the Web2.0, which you can check out here.

Check out Part Three on moving your relationships online to offline. Didn’t catch the other parts of the series?  Check them out right here: Part One.

Think I missed something on the post?  What some more advice on using the busted myths in business? Let me know by commenting on this post, or by reaching out to me on e-mail: ssaber@thepulsenetwork.com

This is Part Two of a Five Part Series with Tyler Pyburn, Host at The Pulse Network, and Stephen Saber, Chief Executive Officer at The Pulse Network, in which they aim to make plain some of the biggest business to business social media myths.

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