Marketing Your Video Content – Defining Goals

Everyone wants to get eyeballs on their online video content.  What good is it to spend time and resources on digital video production if none of the right people see it?

An article in American Express’ OpenForum on this topic caught our eye, and we decided to dive in a bit deeper to some of their points.  First and foremost, before even deciding to begin creating content, you need to know what your goals are.  Why are you making this video?  What are you hoping to accomplish?  Defining the goals of your video project clearly is the first step to creating an effective, shareable piece of video content.

In this video, we discuss some examples of different types of videos you can think about creating, and what situations they may be effective in.

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Digital Video Production and Shifting Technologies: CDNs

Capturing and producing your content is just the beginning of a video production business.  Once you start the process of content creation, you need to close the loop by distributing your content.

Shifting technologies have allowed live video production and streaming video on-demand to come together like never before.  But not all content delivery networks are created equal.  Each company casino online has unique needs, and finding the right CDN to meet those requirements is crucial to quality internet video production.

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Getting Started with Web Content Marketing, Part 3: Why Video?

There are plenty of different ways to develop your content marketing strategy, but if you’re not producing video content as a part of your package, you’re missing out.

Online video consumption is increasing at astronomical rates.  As Neilsen Wire points out, the rate of web video consumption is jumping at a rate of nearly 50% a year.  Beyond that, YouTube now ranks as the second most popular search engine on the web.  If you’re looking for social media SEO, creating video content is a great way to maximize your efforts.

In this video, we’ll dive deeper and explain more reasons video should be part of your web content marketing plan.

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Digital Video Production and Shifting Technologies: How to Purchase a Professional Camera

Shifting technologies have impacted every aspect of professional video production, but few areas have changed as much as camera technology.

The prosumer camera of today is the professional camera of yesterday, as major brands are now creating high-definition cameras for a fraction of the price.  Beyond cost, the size and storage of data have advanced, dramatically easing the cost structure behind HD Video Production.  In this video, we discuss how these changes  allow us to make high-volumes of high-def content creation a reality.

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For more on discussion about Shifts in Technology, click here to watch the whole series.  You can find Tyler Pyburn and Nick Saber on Twitter.

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