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This is Part Four of a Five Part Series with Butch Stearns, Chief Operating Officer at The Pulse Network, and Stephen Saber, Chief Executive Officer, as they converse on function of the marketing funnel in business.

Sales is the bottom line for every company, awareness and lead generation are steps to achieve sales.  But just accomplishing those steps in the marketing funnel does not necessarily mean one will close the sale, it is a system, a process, and the people.


It’s a system, a process, and the people


A business needs to have a system to take a customer from a lead to a close; that system needs to have the right processes in place to close; and the business needs the right people in place that know how to close.  Sales can be a monumental task for some but, if you directly change the way you talk to your sales people to work within the systems and processes in place with the view to make their language your language and your language what everyone is talking about, it can be accomplished.


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To wrap up the series I expound upon the last step in the marketing funnel, customer retention.
Get caught up on my entire series on the Marketing Funnel, Part OnePart Two, and Part Three.


Stephen Saber is the CEO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.  Butch Stearns is the COO of The Pulse Network and can be found on his BlogTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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