Social Media Advertising – What Tools Are Necessary?

There are so many different tools for social media marketers to sift through, and with a new tool popping up almost every day, it can be tough to figure out where to begin.

Michael Lazerow of AdAge calls the flood of social media tools “Tool Anarchy”, and this is an apt description of the chaos that you can find yourself in if you start thinking about your social media marketing strategy from the shiny new tools perspective instead of starting with content.  There are plenty of great tools to help you build your presence online, but it doesn’t mean anything without a good, strong foundation to your digital strategy.

In this video, we discuss how you should approach social media tools when using social media for business, and some tips on getting started the right way.

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IMS NYC 2012: The Case Study of Alure Home Improvements

Technology and social media can facilitate a relationship but it takes real people engaging in real conversations to build a thriving social community. John Doyle of Alure Home Improvements shares his approach on how to build an interactive community from their national tv exposure from Extreme Home Makeovers and how they saw a 5000% increase of substantial growth in their social media community at the 2012 Inbound Marketing Summit New York

When companies are looking for innovative ways to get people to like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, don’t look to the person next to you,  imagine yourself in the consumer’s shoes and ask yourself why you would  join a social community.  The marketing team determined that contests and giveaways would spark interest, conversations and get consumers involved in the community, especially during the holidays.

John touches on a several key factors on how their team took a different approach and didn’t promote from the home improvement aspect of marketing:

The secret to building a successful community isn’t about giving away great prizes or coming up with mind blowing social marketing campaigns.  It’s about the emotional connections you build with your consumers and how their emotional ties connect them to your products or services.  To learn how to earn your customer’s attention and how to nurture and maintain the relationships, watch the video below.

Social And Broadcast Media – Measuring Success

Business is about results, and businesses need to put numbers around campaigns in order to measure success.  In traditional broadcasting, it all came down to how many people tuned in at a certain time.  But how can you measure the convergence of social with your content to develop a digital strategy?

Companies such as Bluefin Labs are working to allow companies to put numbers around social media marketing campaigns tied to your content creation, and make measuring casino social in broadcast a reality.

So what should you look for to help measure your social broadcast campaigns?  In this video, we jump into the topic of social measurement in broadcast, and the numbers that should be important to you.

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Seven Rules for Content Marketing, Part 4: Engage Everywhere

Content marketing is all about putting the right content in the right channel at the right time and to do that you need to engage everywhere.  What makes digital content so fantastic for marketers is social media and its ability to amplify your product through you and your advocates.  Just look at the top of one Chris Brogan article and you will see all the ways he engages with his audience and in turn shares with them.

Learn some of the helpful tips I have picked up over the years to engage everywhere in the video below.

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