5 Tips to Attract the Most Leads from your Content Marketing Campaigns


Contributed by Jennifer Wong: Marketing, HasOffers and Inbound Marketing Summit NY 2013 Speaker


Whether you are running a content marketing machine or just getting started defining your content marketing strategy, make sure you are optimizing your campaigns to attract the most leads from your efforts. Yes, content marketing can attract leads at a lower cost but does come at the cost of time as a valuable resource. Be sure you’re optimizing your campaign when you are investing in resource intense content.

1. Have a well-defined buyer persona

One of the foundational elements you must have to run successful marketing campaigns is to intimately know your buyer. Be sure to know your buyer persona – a representation of your ideal customer – to gain a deep understanding of your buyer. Knowing your ideal buyer will help position you as an expert and attract well-educated buyers who trust your recommendations and advice. The audience that reads your content should stop and think, “Wow. This is exactly what I was looking for. These guys totally get me.” This will help you attract more on-target leads that align with the profile of your best customers.

2. Align your content with your target audience’s needs

Your buyer will have a need that you have a solution to but they may not know your brand. Instead of writing content about your product, write content that addresses the need and educates your audience that you have a solution. This will help you attract leads that don’t have your brand in their consideration set because they weren’t aware of your solution.

3. Align your content to the buying stages

Plan a variety of content in your plan so that you are attracting leads at all stages of the marketing funnel. Top of the funnel content that helps the buyer realize that they have a need will attract buyers in the awareness and research stage of the buying process, giving you ample time to nurture them with more content. Content that aligns to the evaluation stage such as a case study or product one sheet will help convert those buyers who are ready to make a purchase decision. By diversifying your content, there is always a healthy flow of top of the funnel leads to make sure you’re attracting prospects at the earliest stages of the buying cycle and their content to help them convert into a marketing qualified lead when they are ready to buy. Always be prepared to answer: What is my buyer’s need at this stage? Is my content helping in addressing this need? What type of content would be helpful in educating them at this stage?

4. Write something interesting, helpful, and relevant

As content marketing continues to gain popularity because if it’s effectiveness in driving high quality leads and positioning brands as industry experts, many marketers will try taking the easy way out and publish bad content to try to reap the benefits. Bad content that is poorly written is the new spam. It just clutters the Internet with uninteresting – or worse, unhelpful – noise. Great content that is interesting, helpful and relevant truly does stand out and gets the attention and leads that 100 bad blog posts could never generate.

5. Optimize your conversion flow

After spending all the hard woOffer-Flowrk of creating great content, look at your conversion path and content plan to make sure you are optimizing each element. For new visitors, killer offers should be gated to capture them as a lead in your CRM. Layout the content plan to make sure the content type and topic makes sense after a visitor is interested in your content for the first time. Ideally, you can structure it so the content leads the prospect further down the marketing funnel. Analyze the landing page to try to convert the highest percentage of visitors into leads. And finally inform the sales team of your campaigns and messaging to ensure there is a clean hand off to sales when the lead is ready to buy.




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